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Mental health community peer support groups. Founded in April 2019, Mind Space provides a safe space for mental health sufferers and advocates alike to join together. We focus on the major trending symptoms that cross the spectrum of conditions: loneliness, stress, anger, anxiety and depression. Everybody is welcome to join, sufferers and carers, regardless of diagnoses or symptoms. Sessions occur every two weeks. All materials are posted on the website blog and we have a self-help section.

A self-help group run by sufferers for sufferers. We are a non-profit support group which promotes the use of creative writing and expressive arts for therapeutic purposes. Our group benefits from sports equipment, board games, mindfulness, and mental health speakers. We believe in building community bonds with kindred spirits. Although our volunteers have personal experience, the founders regularly do mental-health and safeguarding training.

Check our contact page for dates, times and locations of our peer support groups. We currently operate in Milton Keynes and Stockport but can fund the launch of groups in your area if you want to run your own Mind Space peer support group. If you need any more information please contact us via phone, e-mail or messenger. If you need help urgently, look at the other services page or visit your local A&E if you are in immediate danger. Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, Mind Space is here to listen.


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