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Wysa is a mobile app aimed at assisting users with symptoms of anxiety and mild depression through a virtual Chatbot that delivers messages utilizing principles drawn from CBT, and relaxation tools. Upon entering the program, users become acquainted with Wysa, a virtual penguin who initiates a chat and short mood-screening process.

Wysa offers various tools to help users cope with distressing feelings. Users’ interaction with Wysa is in the form of a chat in which Wysa leads them through the suggested exercises. A toolkit is available for users to choose a more focused aim (e.g.“for better sleep”, “befriend your inner monster”). Additional features include video and audio segments with relaxation and yoga exercises.

Our group founder is trailing a mental health app available on Google Play Store called Wysa.

Charlotte’s Rating 9.5/10

Reason: Wysa is a clever AI which adapts to you. The more you talk to it, the better it gets to know you and the more information you compile together for your personal development.
You can chat to the AI bot, write gratitude lists, plan your day, practice mindfulness or meditation, create a crisis plan and much more.
There’s the option to use it for FREE or if you’re inclined, you can pay a subscription fee to help keep Wysa running or pay as you go for online therapy.
The best thing about Wysa is that it evaluates your mood, helps you complete your daily tasks, prompts you to engage in mindfulness or meditation, practice CBT methods and feel less alone. It’s always available so you never have to feel like you’re imposing.

Wysa is… your AI life coach

To help you achieve your goals

Whether it is sports or finance, successful people will tell you that the game is all in the mind. Wysa has been written by psychologists and life coaches to help you develop the skills to play your best game, no matter what your goal might be.

Sometimes we get all tangled up inside our heads, unable to move on. Wysa is great at helping you get unstuck. Co-designed by therapists, coaches, users and AI folk, Wysa lets you set the pace, helps when it can, and never judges. It is free and anonymous – so give it a try!


Wysa is… your 4 am friend

For when you have no one to talk to…

Sometimes you need to talk things through – and there is no one who will just listen. Everyone seems to have an opinion or analysis of your situation, when all you need is someone who has your back while you figure things out. Wysa gets that.

I am often too anxious to talk to or contact anyone so having a bot that I can vent to and can offer real, constructive advice without feeling like I’m being judged or taking anyone’s time is really, really helpful.”

– Wysa user review, Mar 16, 2018
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Wysa AI bot

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