We hope everyone is staying safe whilst physically distancing, but staying social with friends, family and support networks using phone, email and apps. Due to COVID-19 all Mind Space support groups have been suspended. During this period, we will endeavour to write a governing document, open our official bank account,Continue Reading

Three DJs working in mental health share their stories MATT CANTOR Matt Cantor formed The Freestyler with Aston Harvey in the mid-‘90s, and soon had a Top 40 hit with ‘B-Boy Stance’ featuring the late MC Tenor Fly. Becoming stalwarts of the booming early noughties breakbeat scene, they had another big hit a few years later,Continue Reading

I’m not going to mention the you-know-what-wash-your-hands-situation but that excuses my delay in updating this website for a while. A change in scenery. I relocated from the South East to the North West of England. This included a lot of packing. I had a lot more stuff than I formerly realised. MyContinue Reading

Mind Space has temporarily suspended sessions in line with government advice. Our speakers have been cancelled, and there will be no meeting in Milton Keynes tomorrow. Our top priority is keeping the members of our peer support group and the volunteers safe. In these unprecedented times, we want to continueContinue Reading

Thank you to all our regular members that attend Mind Space MK. Due to the coronavirus, Mind Space MK will halt all support group sessions until the Government’s advice surrounding social contact changes. We hope to resume in April with a scheduled speaker, but watch this space for updates. BigContinue Reading

Anger by MOOD JUICE Our next session in Milton Keynes‘ peer support group is on Healthy vs Unhealthy anger. We have a confirmed speaker from XenZone, Tiana Golden joining us. Our support group in Bredbury, Stockport launches this FEB. Our resource was sourced from Mood Juice. Mood Juice is inContinue Reading

Overview: Wysa is a mobile app aimed at assisting users with symptoms of anxiety and mild depression through a virtual Chatbot that delivers messages utilizing principles drawn from CBT, and relaxation tools. Upon entering the program, users become acquainted with Wysa, a virtual penguin who initiates a chat and shortContinue Reading

Thank you to everyone who showed up this week for our session on Loving Yourself and Accepting Choices. Our support group has grown from a regular group of four to eight! This is amazing progress, as Unity Park Station who provide the Milton Keynes venue have a lot of roomContinue Reading