According to research by Benenden Health, the pressures of juggling family, health and care demands are a major cause of stress and unplanned absences from work in the run-up to the festive period, with one in eight UK workers taking sick leave at Christmas. One in seven businesses reported experiencingContinue Reading

Originally from The Guardian ‘Our oncology team were amazing: they left no stone unturned. But her mental health problems remained untreated.’ Photograph: View Pictures/UIG via Getty Images The NHS is simply not equipped to meet the psychological needs of the dying – and that has to change My wife diedContinue Reading

Under-18s being denied urgent mental health treatment, say GPs Survey reveals only 10% of GPs are confident those they refer for treatment will receive it Troubled teenagers seeking urgent help from NHS mental health services are being denied treatment or facing months of delays, GPs have said. Three in four family doctorsContinue Reading

MENTAL health issues has been the top reason for sickness absence among Caerphilly council employees for two years in a row. In a Caerphilly County Borough Council report, mental health, stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue and neurasthenia – a weakness of the nerves – were the most common reasons for sicknessContinue Reading

Looking after yourself can be tough when you’re living with a mental health problem. By taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle you can improve your overall health and feel better.  What is a mental health problem or condition? Everyone goes through difficult or challenging times at some point inContinue Reading

X Factor’s Jenny Ryan opens up about mental health and how music has helped her Jenny’s stunning fans and judges alike on the X Factor, but behind her confident persona she’s faced a number of mental health struggle. COMMANDING the Celebrity X Factor stage with a powerful voice and outwitting The ChaseContinue Reading

WARNING SOME CONTENT MAY BE TRIGGERING He survived multiple suicide attempts and now he’s encouraging people to open up about their mental health “I stood up, I told [my partner] I loved her and I went into the garage and tried to hang myself.” This was the day Thomas DunningContinue Reading