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Happy Holidays – here’s to another fresh year.

Since we’re fast approaching Dec 25th, our session focusing on ‘The Holiday Blues’ as we creep closer to the festive season and maddening Christmas songs play on a loop everywhere we go. Not everybody has a happy family holiday at this time of year. Many of us will take our families and friends for granted. At this time of year, it can be the most lonely and sad for those without any human connections.

This kind of isolation at times of community and togetherness and trigger negativity within our mental health. We wanted to update our loyal readers at this unstable time of year to remind you all that Mind Space is here to listen, help and support you however we can.

In fact, Mind Space is growing. One of our founders–Charlotte Appleby–is relocating from the South East where Mind Space MK was born April 2019, to the North West of the UK.

This means Mind Space MK will continue running in Milton Keynes every two weeks on Mondays while Mind Space Stockport is launched.

We’re yet to confirm a venue but there are plenty of cost-effective or free options to choose from. Rethink Mental Illness and Mind Allies will continue to support us throughout our expansion with sport equipment loans, Calm App prescriptions and funding. While Mind Space MK use table tennis in the South, we’re thinking of swapping it up a bit and trying some miniature indoor bowling for the North.

The premise will be exactly the same for both groups: free physical activity, free mindfulness, CBT worksheets, an open safe-space to discuss mental health and free hot drinks/snacks. We will continue striving to book speakers with mental health experience either professionally or personally. Our next speaker is in Milton Keynes on 10th February 2020, a representative from XenZone: Tiana.

Our domain for the Mind Space website will be up for renewal come April and if our expansion goes to plan, we will be amending our URL to something more nationwide instead of localised as well as filtering our contact page/other services page by location for more specific results.

The Mind Space MK founders have a meeting with our funders, Mind Allies, to discuss expansion efforts and further potential support. At the moment, the founders are in two minds as to whether the organisation should partner with an already established charity to become an official charitable organisation through a UK charity or whether to write our own governing document and start as an official charity ourselves.

Do you have any ideas or feedback you want to share? E-mail us on admin@mindspacemk.com or tweet/insta us @mindspacemk or find us on facebook @mindspacemiltonkeynes

(Shout out to our voluntary I.T guy who kindly offers his services to our non-profit free of charge)

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