Mind Space Blog: Dec Part 2

Peer to peer community mental health support available in Milton Keynes (more locations coming soon…)

16th December 2019, next group 20th December 2019 7.30PM

Thanks to all those lovely listeners out there and a bigger thank you to the members of our support group who managed to show up at last week’s session on December 16th.

Apologies for the noise control—there are a lot of late-night skater boys who use the external part of our venue for practice and sometimes they can forget about our little meeting while zooming past the doors—next time we’ll have a word if we struggle with hearing each other again.

We had two new attendees! A massive welcome to our MK support group and thank you for coming. Our last two Calm App (www.calm.com ) subscriptions have now been given out and we’re awaiting new vouchers from our generous funders Mind Allies, with whom our founders—Charlotte & Ray—are meeting down in London at their Head Office on January 9-10th. Watch this space.

The topic last week was Seasonal Affective Disorder and how weather can impact our moods. Whether you’re a sun soaker or a winter warmer, there are tips on how to deal with the extremes. It’s recommended everybody take vitamin D supplements throughout the winter period when there’s less naturally absorbed from sunlight at a time we’re going outside less often. There are also foods you can incorporate into your diet to boost vitamin d:

Foods that provide vitamin D include:

  • Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.
  • Foods fortified with vitamin D, like some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals.
  • Beef liver.
  • Cheese.
  • Egg yolks.

We also spoke about mindfulness for anxiety, low-mood and dealing with strong emotions. There are alternatives such as UV lamps, indoor activities, support groups and other ways to deal with weather-related mood changes (read them here).

Our next session is on the 30th of December, the last session of 2019. The topic for next week’s session is The Holiday Blues to tackle the festive season. Christmas can leave some people feeling more isolated than connected, or for others the end of Christmas marks the start of goodbyes to far away family. Why not come along to Unity Park Station at 7.30pm for free tea/coffee and snacks (while it can still be blamed on post-Christmas feasting)? We have free table tennis, music and mindfulness.

It’s a big step going into the New Year, with Mind Space MK still being fairly new to the local community. We’re still looking for speakers, if you know any healthcare professionals or sufferers with lived experience who may want to talk at one of our group meetings, contact us on admin@mindspacemk.com

Come January 2020, our founder—Charlotte—is planning the launch of a second Mind Space support group in the North West. After researching locations and venue choices, it’s like to be Mind Space Stockport. There are some mental health support groups within the main city of Manchester but dwindling numbers in the surrounding towns and villages. We hope to set up a quick start guide for those wanting to run their own local support group to easily access funding, services, and resources.  

If you’re in the Greater Manchester area and want to help with volunteering, advertising, donations, fundraising or resources, or are merely interested in what Mind Space can offer you as a potential member, you can Facebook us on @MindSpaceMiltonKeynes or find us on Twitter/Instragram @MindSpaceMK to let us know your thoughts.

If all goes to plan, Mind Space’s website will change come April, to something more nation-wide as opposed to localised, and our contact page will filter by location for available support groups.

Rethink Mental Illness are still wanting to support Mind Space through our expansion, looking to loan more sports equipment once a new venue is secured.

Anybody wanting to provide feedback or get involved can e-mail us.

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