Mind Space Blog: December Part 3

Our last support group of 2019 was a smash-hit. Thank you to everyone that managed to attend despite the cold and ever-faster-approaching New Year’s Eve.

Yesterday’s support group session focused on the holiday blues and you can read our infopack here.

We brought in board games–Jenga, monopoly, Cluedo, tiddlywinks and more–as an end of year celebration for the members and volunteers at Mind Space. As usual, we had our regular table tennis set up and since the donation of an official ping pong table to Unity Park Station, we’re thinking of trading in our loan with Rethink Mental Illness for a miniature indoor bowling set. Leave your comments below.

A member of our group has been taking an artistic journey prior to and throughout Mind Space. After the pottery show-and-tell from a previous session, he once shared his artwork with us yesterday in a new form. Just looking at his peaceful interpretations of landscapes, still-life and nature took our breath away and gave us a piece of its stillness.

In other news, one of our founders is moving which has kickstarted the planning for the launch of a second Mind Space support group in Stockport. She received a lovely departure card from one of the members of the group expressing gratitude for this new service created.

The Milton Keynes group will continue running as normal, with a new group facilitator, Michelle.

We have also set up a skype account, now available on our contact page, and plan to start a crisis hotline through the instant messaging platform starting one day a week but increasing with help. Volunteers needed.

You can still donate to help us fundraise for our expansion to keep our services running at the best of their capability at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/mindspacemk

As always we need more speakers locally in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. If you know anyone with a background in mental health professionally or personally who might like to speak at one of our sessions please get them to e-mail admin@mindspacemk.com

Both founders have a meeting with the funding body and charitable organisation Mind Allies in London 9-10 Jan.

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