Mind Space News: MK Speaker and Stockport Launch

Stockport Update

Tomorrow is the day one of our founders, Charlotte Appleby, tours around St Barnabas Parish Church to meet with the Church Officials to decide if Mind Space Bredbury is able to utilise the building as a venue for our newest mental health peer support group in the borough of Stockport.

There are two options in the local area that we are considering: St Barnabas, which has the bonus of free parking, or Woodley Civic Hall which is a little bit more central. Thank you to both sets of staff who have helped us make these enquiries. Relocation means our founder is not as geographically knowledgable in the North of England as she was in the South, but all in good time.

Next on our founder’s list is buying supplies.

  • Tea, coffee, sugar, UHT milk, soy milk (we’re vegan-friendly) and snacks.
  • A free-standing street chalkboard sign to advertise/promote the group from right outside its venue.
  • Paper and ink cartridges for a Canon TS6250 printer-scanner for support group worksheets and CBT activities

Rethink Mental Illness have offered to supply us with another indoor exercise activity. If anyone local to Bredbury or Stockport interested in attending the peer support group when in launches this February has any recommendations, please e-mail us on admin@mindspacemk.com

Our options include (but are not limited to): table tennis, walking, Tai Chi, yoga, miniature indoor bowling, dancing, and more.

There will also be the options to participate in / receive subscriptions for Calm the mindfulness app available on the app store.

We’re aiming to launch on Valentines’ evening *yet to be confirmed* in Bredbury, Stockport.

Milton Keynes

The next mental-health peer-support session is on the 10th of February in Milton Keynes at Unity Park Station and will discuss Healthy Anger vs. Unhealthy Anger.

We even have a speaker booked! On Monday the 10th we welcome a representative from the organisation XenZone, Tiana, which is the parent company to a youth mental-health counselling service available online called Kooth. It is age-restricted.

For more than 17 years, XenZone has helped improve the lives of children, young people and adults by connecting them with clinicians and each other in safe, supportive online communities.

In 2001 they led the way in putting counsellors online, reaching those less likely to walk through the therapist’s door. Today, they are breaking ground again, using data and AI to create new models in preventative, early response mental healthcare.

On Kooth you can:


Chat to our friendly counsellors


Read articles written by young people


Get support from the Kooth community


Write in a daily journal

We also have one of our members turning volunteer. Big shout out to the newest member of the Mind Space family team, Natasha. She will be helping run the Milton Keynes sessions every two weeks, and come March, could be running sessions herself in CMK. Thank you, Natasha. Our group facilitator, Michelle, appreciates it!

All of our volunteers get DBS checked before running group meetings solo.

Any new members in the Milton Keynes group are welcome to participate in the Rethink Mental Health research (in collaboration with Sport England) on physical activity and its impact on mental health. In no means are these questionnaires mandatory but any participation in this research that our members can provide is heavily appreciated as it helps the charity to better service mental health sufferers, support groups and create positive programmes to make a difference.

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