Mind Space News: Our Founders Were in London

This Thursday the 9th of January, our co-founders Charlotte Appleby and Ray Haiden travelled to the centre of London for a meeting with our funders Mind Allies. Their office is situated right by Victoria Station with accessible transport links across the city. You can see the Apollo from the front door!

With C.E.O, Adam Afsar, they sat down for a discussion about the future of Mind Space.

Mind Space are setting up their own organisational current account for banking. This should make payments, donations and fundraising much simpler and safer. We’re looking into Natwest and Santander currently.

This is because our funders at Mind Allies have offered us a £500 grant. Thank you, Mind Allies.

Keeping accounts is important and evidence of expenses. This money could be used to improve our service in many ways:

  • Provide resources for the group meetings.
    This could be activities such as table tennis/miniature bowling, snacks/drinks, board games, arts and crafts, mental health assistance (in the form of apps such as Calm or counselling sessions) and speakers. With a budget, we can do more.
  • Higher quality, android phone for the support group.
    This can then be used for the free crisis lines Mind Space offers through Skype, and cross into Whatsapp too which is another free platform we’re considering using for a mental health IM hotline.
  • Start the Get Involved campaign to promote Mind Space as well as encourage communities to engage with self-help and healing practices. Keep your eye out for a gift from us!
  • Advertise our service.
    This could be through social media ads targeting specific locations, flyers, radio adverts or banners.
  • Create a quick and easy start-up guide for people wanting to launch mental health groups in their area.

We have been advised, and are excited to embark upon, joining mental health alliances such as the National Suicide Prevention Alliance.

There are clear intentions for expansion and to change the organisation’s name. We are currently named Mind Space MK, but as the mental health support surpasses the city’s limits the founders feel it crucial to nationalise and when the domain renewal for Mind Space MK is up, we will be amending all our links to Mind Space UK.

This should be in conjunction with website improvements, such as a more organised directory of services which can be searched using keywords (anxiety, CBT, depression, etc) to find relevant content, and an updated contact page to have a click-through link for each area now offering Mind Space support groups.

We are looking into the best category of service to be: a charity or a social enterprise. Either way, registering as a charitable organisation with HMRC leads to tax relief (often returned as monetary funding).

Firstly, there’s the issue of time and manpower. We need people with skills in finance, IT, mental health, mentoring, nonprofit, marketing, PR, social media, graphic design as well as group leads and facilitators.

We will be creating an Opportunities and Volunteer Role page to display our current vacancies and gaps in service. All our volunteers are DBS checked, funded by us.

  • Group facilitators (Milton Keynes, Stockport and Nationwide)
  • Mental health speakers (Milton Keynes and Stockport)
  • Fundraisers (Nationwide)
  • An accountant (Nationwide)
  • IT support (Nationwide)
  • Crisis line advisors (Nationwide)

If you are interested in any of the above roles, please email admin@mindspacemk.com

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