MK Blog: January Part 1

Thank you to everyone who showed up this week for our session on Loving Yourself and Accepting Choices.

Our support group has grown from a regular group of four to eight! This is amazing progress, as Unity Park Station who provide the Milton Keynes venue have a lot of room to utilise and due to this space, it enables us to have a variety of activities from peer support, speakers, table tennis, arts and crafts as well as mindfulness.

This week we started with more mindfulness using the Calm app prescribed by our funders Mind Allies. All of our Mind Space support groups will have access to voucher codes and we are working to have a redemption link installed on our website.

When reflecting on our choices, it’s important to enter the reflective state with an open, cleared mind to be as non-judgemental as possible to avoid the escalation of negativity in our minds and classifications of actions as mistakes.

We talked about filling our metaphorical cups. You cannot pour from an empty cup, first, you must fill it.

What would you put in your cup?

  • Self-care…

    physical activity
  • Socialising
    support groups
  • Days out
    the park
    a friend’s house
    community groups
  • You time
    hobbies and interests
    a long bath
  • Therapy or healthcare
    Specialist therapy team
    Physical health – GP appointments, referrals and medications
    Supplements e.g. vitamin d in winter

Charlotte Appleby, one of the Mind Space founders, has now moved from Milton Keynes to Greater Manchester. The new group contact—until the co-founder Ray Haiden returns from the University of Nottingham to take over—is Michelle Appleby but all the details including e-mail, website and phone line will be unchanged. Her input to Mind Space will largely remain the same: creating worksheets, activities, managing social media, websites, mailboxes, phone lines, collaborating with non-profits, fundraising and launching the next Mind Space support group starting in Bredbury.

She has this to say:

“Founding Mind Space MK and helping it grow into the group of eight members it has today is one of my biggest life achievements. I am glad to see the service helping the local communities.

We are building this organisation to fill a gap in care offered to communities for their emotional health after services have decreased in recent years.

I will miss all our regular members in Milton Keynes dearly as I embark on the exciting new journey of shaping the expansion of Mind Space MK into Mind Space UK as we launch Mind Space in Bredbury, Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Mental health is vital to self-care and overall well being. Often these things are all interconnected, influencing each other.

Thank you all for your support.

Charlotte Appleby

The next group meeting in Milton Keynes is the 27th January at 7.30PM.

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