Positive Reinforcement & Understanding Emotions

Do you want to start with 5-minute Calm mindfulness or/and a group game?

Three Truths & a Lie: All you require is 3 or more members sitting in a circle, with each person taking turns to state four facts about self, out of which 3 are true and the remaining 1 is a lie. The instruction is to frame the lie realistically rather than making it look hard to believe and easy to guess.

Why not try… Free mental health app Wysa (https://www.wysa.io/) an AI life coach in the form of a cute cartoon penguin. Wysa has been written by psychologists and life coaches to help you develop the skills to play your best game, no matter what your goal might be. Uses various therapy techniques from a range of different specialisms.


Often we stereotype certain emotions as negative, but all emotions are natural and responses to stimuli.

Discuss how the below emotions can impact your behaviours, actions and words towards yourself and others.

Negative behaviours

  • Panic Attacks
  • Social isolation                       
  • Self harm                                            
  • Selective mute                      

Signs things are progressing and a time to reach out for help. Has anyone experienced any of these?

Positive behaviours

  • Talking [family, friends, tutor, mentor GP, therapist, support group]
  • Self care [Mindfulness, meditation, exercise, health, hygiene]
  • Engaging in hobbies, interests and community events e.g. Volunteer [helping others can be therapeutic]
  • Personal development [through use of apps, self-help books and CBT activities]
  • Maintaining routine e.g. employment, appointments, studies, family events, meeting with friends, community get-togethers etc.

Discuss what behaviours do you / could you implement in your life to cope with changing emotions.

Turn a negative reprimand—e.g. “I shouldn’t have…”—into a positive instruction to yourself—e.g. thank yourself, congratulate yourself “Although this situation has happened, I am enough to get through this and do better next time”

As a group or in your head, why not try turning a negative reprimand into a positive instruction? Here are some examples:

  • I’m so stupid for getting that wrong / This mistake is an opportunity for me to learn something.
  • I wish I hadn’t made such a fool of myself / I can practice my social skills if I go out more often.
  • Don’t mess up / Try your best.

“Feelings are information to help you understand.“ —Discuss

Finishing activity

You can spend the last 15 minutes of the session playing table tennis, playing a game or trying the activity below….
How will you light up your life?? Write inside the sun your intentions to bring positivity to your life.



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