Q&A With Mind Space MK

What is Mind Space?

Mind Space MK is a local peer to peer, self-help, mental-health support group for both sufferers, family and advocates to join together in connecting the community through shared goals. We aim to help those from all walks of life and cater to everybody. The support group is open to everybody and will not focus on one single condition. Instead it will focus on the shared symptoms across the mental health spectrum such as loneliness, stress, anger, depression and anxiety.

Who are you?

We have two founds: Ray Haiden and Charlotte Appleby. We are supported by the Unity Park Bus Station who provided our venue (another shout out to Derek as thanks for his help) and by numerous connections who have offered to act as speakers at our sessions. In the future, we hope the volunteers for the group expand in number.

Why did you start Mind Space?

Mental health conditions are on the rise and they can lead to other social problems such as homelessness, addiction, violence, imprisonment etc. To reduce the detrimental impacts degrading mental health can have on individual’s lives, we wanted to provide a space for members of the community to openly talk about the battles they are facing to strengthen our solutions for potential triggers. Through this support, we hope to help people build confidence to take charge of their mental health.

Where is Mind Space?

Entrance 2, Ground floor, Unity Park Station (The Old Bus Station) 401 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR.

It is right in front of the central Milton Keynes railway station and we will put posters in the window!

How often do you run?

Starting May 6th 2019, every four weeks on a Monday at 7.00PM.

What happens during sessions?

We have a two-hour window and it can be flexible. If we have a speaker in to talk to our group (currently unconfirmed for May 6th – but if you know anyone who might want to speak please e-mail us) that can take between 25-40 minutes. This allows half an hour to an hour for the group to discuss any personal issues they want to raise, coping strategies or ask for advice. Then, if the members want to do so, we can move onto expressive art, creative writing or mental health self-help activities. If you sign up for our newsletter subscription by emailing mindspacemk@gmail.com we can send you our materials in an e-pack prior to the session.

Anything else?

Monday already sucks, but the tea and coffee are free. If that’s not enough reason to turn up, what else will be?


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