Download Self-Help Resources

Here you can watch videos on mental health for advice or download worksheets for a range of self-help exercises to work on your personal development with your own mental health.

There are resources created by Mind Space MK’s co-founders Charlotte Appleby & Ray Haiden which are added weekly. There are also CBT and therapy sheets sourced from reputable mental health services free to download.

What is mental health?

Crash Course Videos: Mental Health

Self-help resources to download

More self-help resources

Therapy resources from Get Self Help or download by clicking the below links for a PDF copy of the CBT worksheets

 ERP Practice Record

 Exposure Homework Sheet

 FACE: Avoidance

 FACE: Problem Solving

 Feared Situation Hierarchy

 Finding Meaning in Life

 Food Diary

 Food Diary 2

 GAD: Worry Thought Record Sheet

 GAD: Beliefs about Worry Thought Record Sheet

GAD: Worry RecordThought Record Sheet

 Goal Setting Worksheet

 Graded Exposure worksheet

 Health Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

 Healthy Balance: Personal Scale 5 column

 Healthy Balance: Personal Scale 3 column

 Helicopter Worksheet

 Hierarchy of Feared Situations

 Hindsight Bias worksheet

   Holidays: Happy or Horrible?

 Homework Practice Record

 Judge: Thought Challenge

 Mood Diary  3 columns

Mood Diary with picture cues

 OCD Checklist:  could this be OCD?

 OCD: ERP Practice Record

 OCD Obsessions & Compulsions Thought Record Sheet

 OCD Perfectionism Thought Record Sheet

 OCD Rituals Diary

 Pain / Fatigue Diary

 Panic Thought Record Sheet

 Panic Diary

 Panic SAEB

 Perfection Scale

Personal Recovery and Maintenance Plan for Psychosis

 Pictoral: Coping: what will help?

Pictoral: Emotion Picker

 Pictoral:  Mood diary

Pictoral: Thought Record Sheet

 Pictoral: Vicious Cycle

 Positive Data Log 2 column

 Positive Data Log 2 column with brief introduction

 Positive Data Log with 3rd “meaning” column

 Positive Personal Qualities  3 columns

 Positive Personal Qualities Survey: describe me in 3 words

 Positive Personal Qualities Diary

 Positive Self Talk  coping thoughts worksheet

Preventing Setbacks:  relapse prevention blueprint

Problem / Goal Framework

 Problem Solving Worksheet

 PTSD Discrimination Worksheet for Flashbacks

 PTSD Thought Record Sheet

 Reality vs Expectations

 Relapse Prevention blueprint

 Relationship Worksheet

 Responsibility Pie

 Safety Plan

 Safety Plan cards

 Self Coaching Session Form  – for client led session

 Self Compassion Thought Record Sheet

 Self Esteem Thought Record Sheet

 SEPTB Thought Record Sheet

 Situation Logsheet

 Sleep diary

 SMART goals

 Social Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

 STOPP Thought Challenge Sheet in 5 columns

 STOPP Worksheet

 Sustance Misuse Workbook

 Substance Use Diary

 Suicidal Thoughts:  Alternative Thoughts & Actions

 Suicidal Thoughts: Commitment to Life Contract

 Suicidal Thoughts:  Crisis Management Plan

 Suicidal Thoughts:  Safety Plan

 Suicidal Thoughts:  Safety Plan cards

The Thermometer

 Thought Challenge Sheet:  6 column

 Thought Challenge Sheet:  7 column

 Time Line personal history

 Treatment Plan

 Vicious Cycle

 Vicious & Virtuous Cycles

 Vicious Cycle & Alternatives

 Weekly Planner

 Wise Mind Worksheet

 Worry (GAD) Thought Record Sheet

 Worry Beliefs (GAD) Thought Record Sheet

Generic Formulations & Therapist Resources

3 Questions to ask whens starting therapy

 5 Aspects Model

 5 Aspects with prompts

 5 Aspects: Paranoia (psychosis)

 5 Aspects: Voices  (auditory hallucations)

 ABC for Paranoia(psychosis)

 ABC for Voices (auditory hallucinations)

 Assessment Prompt Sheet

 Basic Formulation

 Basic Formulation with shapes

 BASIC ID  MultiModal Therapy

 Cognitive Therapy Scale Feedback Form for supervisors


EMDR Prompt Sheet

 EMDR: The Container

 Exposure Homework Sheet

 Evaluation & Closing Form

 First Appointment Prompt Sheet

 Habituation diagram

 Homework Practice Record

 Imagery for therapy

 Longitudinal Formulation  Beckian style

 Mental Crusher  Making experience fit with core beliefs

 Mental Health CV

 Mental Health CV – example

 Metaphors for therapy

 MultiModal Expanded Structural Profile

 MultiModal Structural Profile Inventory 35 item questionnaire

 MultiModal Structural Profile  7 item questionnaire

 MultiModal Treatment Plan

 Old System, New System

 Person Centred Model

 Problem / Goal Framework

 PTSD Metaphor:  the processing factory

PWP Session Notes

 Self Coaching Session Form

 Session Notes

 Session Notes with Prompts CTS-R help!

 Session Summary & Homework Sheet

 Suicidal Thoughts:  Coping

 Therapy Goals

 Vicious Cycle

 Vicious Cogs

 Vicious Cycle & Alternatives

Vicious Flower

 Virtuous Flower

 Vicious & Virtuous Cycles

 What Now?  Ending Therapy

STOPP  CBT in a nutshell.  5 first aid self help steps. Learn this one key skill !

 STOPP 2 handouts on 1 sheet

 STOPP Light – simpler version

 STOPP Light – 2 handouts on 1 sheet

 STOPP cards

Alphabetical List of Information Leaflets & Self Help Guides


 Accepting Anxiety

 ACE:  Achieve, Connect, Enjoy

 ACT:  Accept, Choose, Take Action

 Action for Hapiness Action Pack

 Adult ADHD


 Alarming Adrenaline

 Anger Self Help

 Anger Quick Reference

 Anorexia Self Help

 Anxiety Self Help

 Anxiety Quick Reference

 APPLE:  A Mindful Response to Thoughts

 APPLE:  Tolerating Uncertainty

 Are you Happy?


 Automatic Thoughts

 BACES: Body, Achieve, Connect, Enjoy, Step back

 Battery: Behavioural Activation using LIFT vs DOWN activity

 Behavioural Activation: Increasing Activity

 Beyond our Control


 Bulimia & Binge Eating Self Help

 Cards:  8 pocket sized reminder cards

 Card pack: 56 cards for self help (to purchase)

 Change, Accept or Let Go?  What are my options?

 Chronic Pain / Fatigue Self Help

 CLEAN:  5 steps to personal wellbeing

 Colour : self help & breathing visualisation

 Communication Styles

 Compassionate Kitbag

 Compassion Self Help

 Coping with Suicidal thoughts

 Cycling metaphor:  CBT for Cyclists

 Dealing with Distress – 39 pages, DBT based

 Dealing with Negative Emotions

 Defusion Exercises ACT.  Seeing thoughts differently.

 Dementia Factsheet

 Depression Self Help

 Depression Quick Reference

 Dialectics:  Creating the Bridge to Middle Ground

 Different Perspectives

 DRIFT: The Distrant & Restless Inner Focus Trap

 EMDR  Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing

 Emergency or Soothe Bag / Box : First Aid for Distress

 Emotions:  thoughts, feelings, behaviours

 Fact or Opinion?

 Fact or Opinion cards

 Fear or Danger?

 Finding Alternative Thoughts

 Flashbacks:  Coping with Flashbacks including Grounding techniques

 Food & Mental Health: Nutrients Table

 Food:  Health Eating & Depression

 GAD Self Help   Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Worry

 Great Dream

  Groups:  CBT open group therapy

 Health Anxiety Self Help

 Helicopter View

 Imagery for Cancer

 Imagery Self Help

 Imagery:  Safe / Peaceful Place

 Increasing Activity:  Behavioural Activation

 Insomnia Self Help:  sleeping problems

 Keep Calm & Carry On:  cards on blue

 Keep Calm & Carry On:  cards on red

 Keep Calm & Carry On: poster on red

 Keep Calm & Do No Harm:  cards on red

 Keep Calm & Do No Harm: poster on red

 Mind Bully

Mindfulness:  introduction

 Mindful Breathing

 Mindfulness of Emotions

 Mindfulness:  NOW

 Mindfulness:  The Visitor

 Mindful Rationale:  Why by mindful?

 Motivation: Increasing

 Music:  Using music therapeutically & mindful music

 New Browser Window

 Nourishing & Depleting Activities : Energising vs Draining

 NOW: Mindfulness for Busy People

  OCD Self Help: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


 Paddling your own Canoe

 Panic Self Help

 Phobias Self Help

 Poisoned Parrot : metaphor for unhelpful/self-critical thoughts

 Positive Affirmations

 Positive Steps to Wellbeing

 Psychosis Clock

 Psychosis:  Paranoia & Voices Self Help

 PTSD Self Help   Post Traumatic Stress


 Rucksacks Therapy Metaphor

 Rumination & Worry

 Low Self Esteem Self Help

 Low Self Esteem Quick Reference

Self Help Course:  The complete 60 page, 7 step course

 Self Help Course Step 1

 Self Help Course Step 2

 Self Help Course Step 3

 Self Help Course Step 4

 Self Help Course Step 5

Self Help Course Step 6

 Self Help Course Step 7

 Self Help for Anger

 Self Help for Anorexia

 Self Help for Anxiety

 Self Help for Bulimia & Binge Eating

 Self Help for Chronic Pain / Fatigue

 Self Help for Depression

 Self Help for GAD & Worry  Generalised Anxiety Disorder

 Self Help for Health Anxiety

 Self Help for Low Self Esteem

 Self Help for OCD  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

 Self Help for Panic

 Self Help for Phobias

 Self Help for Psychosis:  Paranoia & Voices

 Self Help for PTSD  Post Traumatic Stress

 Self Help for Sleep Problems / Insomnia

 Self Help for Social Anxiety

 Self Help for Stress

 Self Help for Substance Misuse

 SHARP Specs: Notice the Positives

 Sleep Self Help

 Social Anxiety Self Help

 STOPP  CBT in a nutshell.  5 first aid self help steps. Learn this one key skill !

 STOPP 2 handouts on 1 sheet

 STOPP Light – simpler version

 STOPP Light – 2 handouts on 1 sheet

 STOPP cards

 Stress Self Help

 Stress Response : brain diagram

 Substance Misuse Self Help

 Super Scanner

 Super Scanner:  Health Anxiety

 Ten Secrets to Happiness


 Tolerating Uncertainty

 Trauma & The Brain

Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Unhelpful Thinking Habits & Alternatives

 Unhelpful Thinking Habits: Finding Alternatives

 Wheel of Emotions

Worry & GAD Self Help

Worry Tree

 Worry Zones & Postponing Worry

 WRAP wellness plan

 Writing : using writing in therapy