Mind Space UK runs solely off unpaid volunteers with personal or professional experience in mental health. All our staff are DBS checked.

If you want to work with us, send your CV to admin@mindspacemk.com with the volunteer role title in the subject line.


Location: Milton Keynes / Buckinghamshire

Role: Using experience in mental health whether that’s employment professionally e.g. counselling, mentoring, nursing, psychologist etc, volunteer work or personal experience, come to share advice at our bi-weekly meetings. Our speakers talk for up to 25 minutes and are welcome to stay for the full session. There are free drinks and snacks provided.

Group Facilitators

Location: Nationwide

Role: Set up activities and run support group meetings on a biweekly basis. Act as the first point of contact for your local support group. If there is no local group in your area, we will provide resources, help you find a venue and launch your own peer support group.

Social Media Writers

Location: Nationwide/Work from Home

Role: Do you have a flair for the written word and a passion for mental wellbeing? If you have time to spare, why not contribute to a good cause and write updates for our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook) scheduled through Hootsuite?

Mental Health Writers

Location: Nationwide/Work from Home

Role: Your creative content could make a real difference here at Mind Space. Donate your time to our valuable cause and share your language skills with the world of mental health. Your tips, tricks and advice may even make it into our peer support group sessions.


Location: Nationwide/Work from Home

Role: Our service runs entirely on fundraising, donations and charitable grants. To help us fundraise through your sponsored silences, bake sales, fun-runs and crow funds, you don’t even need to apply! Just e-mail us to let us know you’re raising money for Mind Space and we provide you with the banking information for our community service.


Location: Nationwide/Work from Home

Role: As Mind Space UK comes to set up its own bank account along the journey to becoming a charitable social enterprise acting to provide a service in the community, we need someone to analyse expenses, keep records and advise us financially.

Leaflet Deliverers

Location/s: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire & Bredbury/Stockport, Greater Manchester

Role: Deliver Mind Space support group flyers in the local community.